Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY High-Waisted Shorts

Over the last few years I have found myself loving the idea of taking something old and turning it in to something new and amazing. I get inspired a lot by the things around me like nature, magazines, youtube, and etc. It really gives me a chance to see how creative I can be.

Last month one of my friends from Washington DC was in Durham, NC visiting her father. Since I was only 4 hours away, I decided to come visit her. While I was there we took a trip to the thrift store. My goal was to find myself two pairs of jeans that I can turn into high waisted denim shorts. Luckily, I was able to find a pair of old mom jeans that fit good enough around my waist only for $3. The jeans were so unflattering and ugly but I knew that they could be turned into something special.

Since the jeans were found in the thrift store I washed them as soon as I got home. I tried them on to figure out where I was going to cut them. I marked the cutoff mark on the jeans with a marker. The mark on the jeans was used as a guide to cut across the legs of the jeans. Instead of making the jeans shorter, I folded the bottom of the shorts. I like the way the high waisted jean shorts turned out.

I plan on doing this again with another pair of jeans but I want to bleach, possibly dye, and stud them.

Have you turned jean pants into shorts before? How did it turn out? Let me know what you think :-)




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