Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Ultimate Hair Review | Long Lasting Her Imports

Would you believe that I’ve been using the same hair for almost three years? Yes, you read that correctly! It will be three years in October 2015. I’ve curled, flat ironed, washed, conditioned, bleached, and cut this hair. It still looks amazing. I truly believe the only way I can give an honest review is by using a product for a long period of time before giving criticism and three years is a very long time. I am now ready to give the ULTIMATE hair review about this amazing product from Her Imports.

I am a natural hair girl that LOVES to switch it up from curly-kinky twist outs to long luscious flowing hair within days, even hours.  I achieve the quick hair changes by wearing wigs. Wigs are a God-send for the black woman with "hair A.D.D." like myself. Wigs also allow me to wear straight hair without applying a lot of heat to my actual hair and risking heat damage. 

- Where It All Began -

Back in November 2012, I decided I wanted to buy a wig for the first time to wear to protect my hair. Prior to me beginning my wig search, I only wore my natural hair out or in a sew-in but never a wig. I wanted the best quality hair/wig I can find for a reasonable price. The price for a good long lasting wig normally starts around $350 and can go into the thousand dollar range. Unfortunately, most hair companies recommend customers to use wigs for no longer than 12 to 18 months. I was not feeling to sure about the wigs I saw online because I was not able to touch and see the hair in-person before purchasing it. It was too big of a risk for me and I decided to create a wig myself. 

First year of having the wig | November 2012- October 2013
Two of my friends living in the Maryland always praised the hair Her Imports offered. Their sew-ins would always look great. I decided to visit the Her Imports store in Greenbelt and buy hair from them for the first time. I bought the body wave in 16 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch (this was before Her Imports started selling Brazilian, Peruvian, and other hair textures. I ordered a styrofoam wig mannequin online and bought a black dome cap, needle, thread, and jet black hair dye from my local beauty supply store. I had everything I needed to make my very first u-part wig.

I dyed the hair first and was very impressed with how well the hair took to the color. I blow dried the hair straight and began to create my u-part wig. I used the fold over sew-in technique when sewing the hair on the cap instead of cutting the weft to prevent/reduce hair shedding. 

It took about 6 hours to complete the wig and I used all three bundles. My friend sewed the wig on my head and I instantly fell in love. For an entire year, I would go through the process of wearing the wig for about two months... become bored... wear my natural hair out for a month... become bored again... put the wig back on.

In October 2013, I had the wig for a whole year and the ends were beginning to look a little uneven and split due to excessive flat ironing, combing, and brushing the hair. I decided to have my sister (she’s a hairdresser in North Carolina) cut my wig into layers that fit my face and it brought the hair back to life. It was easier for me to curl the hair due to it being a little shorter and I was getting a little nice with the flat iron.
Second Year | Cut into Layers | November 2013 - December 2014

In June 2014, I decided that I wanted to cut my actual hair. I had the cutest bob hair cut and stopped wearing the wig for a while. Unfortunately, that meant applying a lot of heat to my hair. My hair texture changed a little bit.

In December 2014, I decided I wanted length again and had the wig bleached by my sister for my birthday and New Year’s Eve. I loved the way the hair turned out and the hair color looked awesome on my skin tone. I also added wig clips to the wig instead of having the wig sewed on my head because I don’t know how to cornrow and my sister lived all the way in North Carolina. The wig clips allowed me to put the wig on whenever I wanted to. 
Bleached by my sister | December 2014 - June 2015

In May 2015, I wanted jet black long hair again and bought a closure and more bundles from Her imports to make another wig. I stopped wearing the first wig and began wearing the new wig. 

The temperature these last couple of months have been ridiculous and it was too hot to wear my long black wig. I wanted a bob again but I didn’t want to cut my hair nor did I want to apply a lot of heat on my hair again. I got this idea to take the hair off of the first wig and make another wig. 

On July 26, 2015, I removed the hair from first wig cap, washed, blow dried, sewed the hair on another wig cap, and cut the hair into a bob. It took me a total of 8 to 9 hours to complete. The hair turned out AMAZING and I am in love once again. It was the perfect hairstyle and color for the dress I wore to the Black Alumni Ball in Virginia later on that night. The hair is soft, it moves, and is perfect for these hot summer months.
Hair after washing and drying it | July 26, 2015

Before: Old Hair on New Wig Cap | After: Cut into a Bob | July 26, 2015

First Install of newly reconstructed wig | July 26, 2015

New Wig with Old Hair | Wig Installed using Bobby Pins | July 26, 2015

It’s been 2 years and 8 months since I first bought this hair and it surprises me every time I do something different to it. It still looks amazing and I am thoroughly impressed with Her Imports. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase quality long lasting hair extensions. Her Imports has more hair options available now than they did when I first purchased hair from them almost three years ago. The website for Her Imports is www.herimports.com and products are available for purchase online. If you are like me and want to see the hair in-person, Her Imports has several different locations around the United States as well as a location in London and Toronto.


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