Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Makeup Products for Beginners Part 2: BH Cosmetics 4th Edition Palette

New to makeup and want to experiment with different eyeshadows? No worries! I've have the perfect product for you. The first post in the series, Makeup Products for Beginners by, features a blush palette from BH Cosmetics. BH cosmetics also has affordable eye shadow palettes great for makeup beginners and people with experience.
BH Cosmetics has 4 different editions of the 120 color eye shadow palette. The palette is featuring today is the 120 4th edition color palette, Ultra Shimmer. This palette contains beautiful vibrant colors and shimmers. Shimmers are the little sparkles that can be found in some eye shadows. This product is great for beginners because shimmers are easier to work with than matte eye shadows. If not blended properly, matte eye shadows can end up looking horrible. With shimmer eye shadows, you can apply it  all over the lid alone or blend with other colors and it will look like you put in a lot of effort.  

Below are photos of the Ultra Shimmer 120 4th Edition Color Palette and photos of swatches from random eyeshadows in the top and bottom trays of the palette. As you will see the color pay off is amazing for the price.

Palette come in a box (top photo). Inside the box the palette is covered in plastic. 

120 palette comes in 2 trays of 60 eye shadows
stacked on top of each other. A plastic sheet is on top of eye tray to protect the eye shadow.

Random Swatches from the top palette.

Random Swatches from the bottom palette.

BH Cosmetics always has some sort of sale going on everyday. The Ultra Shimmer 120 Palette retails for $34.95 but is currently on sale for $29.71. I purchased this palette beginning of December 2011 and paid around $25 for it. The current price of $29.71 is still a great deal for 120 different color eye shadows compared to paying $15 for one MAC Cosmetics eye shadow. 

If interested in buying this palette visit BH Cosmetics' website Below is a video tutorial by DulceCandy87 using the 120 4th edition color palette, Ultra Shimmer. Enjoy!




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