Friday, August 17, 2012

LR Guest Blogger: Reasons why we are single #2

A notion that haunts many of us on a day to day basis, though we’d like to lead ourselves to believe that the newest trend is as such. BUT here we are with our human nature, which has us longing for a intimacy that many of us cannot find. Why.... Yes that is the real question, why! Well where do you start, where do WE start. A classic cliché such as, times have changed, nope too easy. Perhaps societal differences, but that just derives from times have changed, so no on that easy route. Let’s get real for a moment and look where the problem really is. Ourselves! The last place any of us look, though we stare at ourselves enough in the mirror, or on instagram to know that. Our vanity is our own undoing, we simple spend to much time egotistically involved with ourselves, yet we don’t know ourselves to know the answer at the top of this page. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How is it cheating if we are not together?

You are at a party, looking absolutely fabulous, and spot a cute guy. You introduce yourself. After a few minutes of conversation you realize not only is  this person cute but he has brains too. The feeling is mutual and you two exchange phone numbers.
Fast forward two months and things are going great. Weekly date nights and spending nights at each others places. You both are even having conversations about how much you care about each other. He surprises you at work. Sends you flowers and buys you gifts. You couldn’t be happier!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reasons why you are single #1

You are single because you want to be a little selfish and there is nothing wrong with that. At least you are being honest with yourself. You should take time to love and spoil yourself. Being single means you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can get up and go as you please. Being single is even better when you don’t have kids because you are able to move and travel where ever without any responsibilities.
Being single can actually be a blessing if you really think about it. Some people are consumed with thoughts of finding someone and getting married. Their self-worth is based on finding a husband/wife, someone who will love them. True self-worth is based on how you think of yourself. No one else can define your self-worth. If you don’t know who you are or your worth then you NEED to stay single.

Monday, August 6, 2012

DC Chillin' (Part 2): Kid Daytona - Summer Games Tour at the Beacon Hotel Skybar

After spending a hour or so at Barcode, my friends, Ziggy and Ashley, came over with a few of their friends to say hello. They were on their way back to the Kid Daytona- Summer Games Tour at the Beacon Hotel Skybar and wanted me to come along. One of Ziggy's friends, SmCity, was performing and she was going to support him. Since I am a big lover of music, I decided to join in on the fun.

The Beacon hotel was only a few blocks away from Barcode. Soon as we arrived we stopped at the bar downstairs to have a drink before heading up to the rooftop. While at the bar, Ziggy was showing me her two free pairs of sunglasses given earlier at the event. The sunglasses are by the company Stunner of the Month. The glasses are really cute and edgy. One of the glasses has a gold chain hanging off the frames. The other sunglasses had a cool stripe pattern. The company also gave away "Time To Stunt" slap stick watch bracelets (more photos below).

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amazed and Thank You

I just want to thank everyone that took the time out to watch my videos. Especially this one video in particular, "The Big V: Cleaning Down Under". Who knew a video about vaginas would become popular (I'm laughing right now). I am amazed that this one video has 24k views so far and still going. I only had about 40 subscribers a month ago and now I have 257 subscribers. That is not a lot compared to the youtube stars out there but it is a start and I am amazed and thankful to have that many subscribers. To celebrate, I am putting together a giveaway. I already have some of the items I want to give away but I want to add a few more things before I post a video about it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

DC Chillin' (Part1): Camille's birthday celebration and Outfit of the day

Camille is in the pink dress
Most of my friends live in different states but I try to do my best to see them when possible. It is almost like being in a long distance relationship with your significant other. You have to make the effort to make a friendship work when they are not near. 

One of my friends, Camille, wanted me to come visit her in Washington, DC to celebrate her birthday last weekend. This worked out perfectly because I was coming to DC that same weekend for another friend's event. I actually love DC! So much to do and a lot of my friends are from there or the surrounding areas (Maryland and Virginia). There is a great mixture of culture and some of the women in DC have a unique sense of style.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY: Sweetheart wrap tube top (no sewing)

One day, while sitting on my bed, I randomly got the idea to go to the store and buy some fabric to make a tube top. I headed to Joann Fabrics store to find the materials I wanted to use. I decided to buy cotton fabric because it was the cheapest and easy to care for. I found a zebra striped cotton pattern fabric in grey and pink and a white fabric with a flower pattern (flower pattern not visible in photo).
I've never done this before. This whole process was all trial and error. I asked for the associate at the store to cut 2 yards of the zebra pattern fabric and 4 yards of the white fabric. I was scared this would not be enough. To my surprise, when I got home I discovered I had too much fabric (enough to make 5 more tops). It is better to have more  than enough instead of not enough incase of errors or mistakes.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY High-Waisted Shorts

Over the last few years I have found myself loving the idea of taking something old and turning it in to something new and amazing. I get inspired a lot by the things around me like nature, magazines, youtube, and etc. It really gives me a chance to see how creative I can be.

Last month one of my friends from Washington DC was in Durham, NC visiting her father. Since I was only 4 hours away, I decided to come visit her. While I was there we took a trip to the thrift store. My goal was to find myself two pairs of jeans that I can turn into high waisted denim shorts. Luckily, I was able to find a pair of old mom jeans that fit good enough around my waist only for $3. The jeans were so unflattering and ugly but I knew that they could be turned into something special.