Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Ultimate Hair Review | Long Lasting Her Imports

Would you believe that I’ve been using the same hair for almost three years? Yes, you read that correctly! It will be three years in October 2015. I’ve curled, flat ironed, washed, conditioned, bleached, and cut this hair. It still looks amazing. I truly believe the only way I can give an honest review is by using a product for a long period of time before giving criticism and three years is a very long time. I am now ready to give the ULTIMATE hair review about this amazing product from Her Imports.

I am a natural hair girl that LOVES to switch it up from curly-kinky twist outs to long luscious flowing hair within days, even hours.  I achieve the quick hair changes by wearing wigs. Wigs are a God-send for the black woman with "hair A.D.D." like myself. Wigs also allow me to wear straight hair without applying a lot of heat to my actual hair and risking heat damage.