Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One Easy and Cheap Way to Achieve Whiter Teeth

© Photographerlondon | Dreamstime.com - Woman With Perfect White Teeth Photo
Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with achieving movie-star white teeth. I love a man with perfection in his mouth. There is nothing more attractive than someone with a nice smile and bright pearly whites. It catches me off guard when a guy with beautiful, bright, white teeth smiles at me (insert heart-eyes emoji). Unfortunately, I also notice yellow teeth. There are a lot of adults walking around with stained teeth from what they eat, drink, smoke, and not brushing their teeth twice a day.

If you’ve been longing for movie-star white teeth, like myself, the best and most expensive way to achieve your goal is by scheduling to have your teeth bleached professionally at your local dental office. Teeth can instantly become up to 10 shades whiter after one visit. This may require follow up sessions every 6 months to keep your teeth extremely white or the dentist will send you home with a teeth whitening kit for maintenance after your session. These appointments usually start around $500 or higher a visit.

If you cannot afford (or refuse) to spend hundreds of dollars getting your teeth whitened professionally, there is a cheap an easy way to achieve whiter teeth over time and it cost only $1.