Friday, August 17, 2012

LR Guest Blogger: Reasons why we are single #2

A notion that haunts many of us on a day to day basis, though we’d like to lead ourselves to believe that the newest trend is as such. BUT here we are with our human nature, which has us longing for a intimacy that many of us cannot find. Why.... Yes that is the real question, why! Well where do you start, where do WE start. A classic cliché such as, times have changed, nope too easy. Perhaps societal differences, but that just derives from times have changed, so no on that easy route. Let’s get real for a moment and look where the problem really is. Ourselves! The last place any of us look, though we stare at ourselves enough in the mirror, or on instagram to know that. Our vanity is our own undoing, we simple spend to much time egotistically involved with ourselves, yet we don’t know ourselves to know the answer at the top of this page. 

Indulge me for a moment while I run with the idea of ourselves being the reason why we are single. I know the obvious answer seems to be ourselves, because we can easily pronounce that we are single because we choose to be. And hey, honestly if that is your definitive feeling, then you need not read further this wasn’t for you. But for those of us that can’t see the wool pulled over our eyes, need that much needed reflection.  You want real, well here it goes... I’m single because I’m scared. Let that resonate for a second. Scared to hurt, scared to be hurt, scared to commit, and scared to be committed to. What the hell right? Look I’ve spent this last week realizing what the hell is wrong with me, and that right there is the truth. I’ve been hurt before so naturally that bottomless pit feeling you get when someone decides your heart wasn’t worth even wiping their shoes off on. Everyone knows the sick to your stomach feeling. And what about the other end, the guilt and feeling the weight of your actions when you know the truth would tear down everything you’ve built with someone. Seeing that pain you’ve caused someone in their eyes, can crush your conscience. And committing, means you giving your all, 100% of you, to someone else. You ever stood on plank, and the only thing keeping it from snapping is another person on the cliff standing to keep it from falling. What happens when they step away? Your left to fall! And then being committed to, why is that hard? Well, what about the fact that the whole scenario I portrayed being switched. I don’t want to let anyone down...I can’t let her down...

Well that’s enough of me opening my heart canals, but I just ask you to take a moment and consider. I have thousands of reasons why we are possibly single but this was the first one I felt hit home the hardest. 

All the time...


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