Monday, August 6, 2012

DC Chillin' (Part 2): Kid Daytona - Summer Games Tour at the Beacon Hotel Skybar

After spending a hour or so at Barcode, my friends, Ziggy and Ashley, came over with a few of their friends to say hello. They were on their way back to the Kid Daytona- Summer Games Tour at the Beacon Hotel Skybar and wanted me to come along. One of Ziggy's friends, SmCity, was performing and she was going to support him. Since I am a big lover of music, I decided to join in on the fun.

The Beacon hotel was only a few blocks away from Barcode. Soon as we arrived we stopped at the bar downstairs to have a drink before heading up to the rooftop. While at the bar, Ziggy was showing me her two free pairs of sunglasses given earlier at the event. The sunglasses are by the company Stunner of the Month. The glasses are really cute and edgy. One of the glasses has a gold chain hanging off the frames. The other sunglasses had a cool stripe pattern. The company also gave away "Time To Stunt" slap stick watch bracelets (more photos below).

Ziggy in her Stunner of the Month Shades
After we finished our drinks we headed upstairs to the rooftop to watch the performances. I was able to meet a few more of Ziggy's friends. I thought one of Ziggy's friends ( I can't remember her name) was so adorable and I could not help but snap a photo of her outfit. I was also able to meet the person behind Stunner of the Month and took a photo of him. 


We were able to get to the rooftop in time to watch SmCity perform. His stage presences was amazing. The lyrics to one of SmCity's song says, "Let your boss know, I gotta be my own boss!" I really liked this one. Everyone should dream of no longer working for someone else (I do all the time). After his performance, he handed out a CD of his music. 

Safidi, Ziggy, and me
Photo Credits: Ziggy, Washington DC
Another artist performing was M3. To my surprise he mention he is from Providence, Rhode Island (my hometown). I became extremely hyped when he mentioned being from RI and I had to shout out that I was from there too. Another girl in the crowd then yelled she was from RI. 

The last artist to perform was the main attraction, Kid Daytona. Majority of everyone was there waiting on him to begin. Soon as he came out with the mic in his hand everyone stood up and crowded around. He had so much energy and he really engages the crowd while performing. This was my first time hearing about him. I am glad I was there. I did some research and found out Kid Daytona is from the Bronx, NY and has worked with artists like Estelle, Talib Kweli, and Bun B.  

Loved her outfit
As Kid Daytona's performance was ending the sun went down. It was the perfect way to end the performances for the night. I really enjoyed my time. Attending this tour introduced me to a few new artists I will now be on the look out for. 
Click HERE to watch the music video for the song, "Can't Breathe" by M3 featuring The Kid Daytona. As a shout out to all my people in Rhode Island, click HERE to watch M3's music video for "I'm so Rhode Island". :-)

If you missed the first part to DC Chillin' click HERE to read and view photos!


Sun going down. Washington DC is amazing!

 The man giving away Stunner of the Month sunglasses and slap stick bracelets.

Slap wrist watch bracelets by Stunner of the Month
Photo Credits: Ziggy, Washington DC

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