Friday, August 3, 2012

DC Chillin' (Part1): Camille's birthday celebration and Outfit of the day

Camille is in the pink dress
Most of my friends live in different states but I try to do my best to see them when possible. It is almost like being in a long distance relationship with your significant other. You have to make the effort to make a friendship work when they are not near. 

One of my friends, Camille, wanted me to come visit her in Washington, DC to celebrate her birthday last weekend. This worked out perfectly because I was coming to DC that same weekend for another friend's event. I actually love DC! So much to do and a lot of my friends are from there or the surrounding areas (Maryland and Virginia). There is a great mixture of culture and some of the women in DC have a unique sense of style.

That weekend included Imani's spa party event (blog post on it soon), brunch at Ms. K's, Day party at Barcode, and the Beacon Hotel Rooftop for a show. The brunch at Ms. K's and the day party at Barcode was for Camille's birthday. Ms K's brunch was amazing and the scenery outside was beautiful. It is a little pricey ($32 to be exact) but worth it. I was able to see a few familiar faces from college.

After brunch, we headed to the day party at Barcode (which turned in to a night party).  Barcode had a $5 Mojito special. They also had a interesting alcohol snow cone drink (looked like a slushy to me). 

I left Barcode with my friend Ziggy to head to the Beacon hotel to watch her friend perform. Photos from that event will be posted on Monday in Part 2.

While in DC I wore my DIY high-waisted shorts, DIY sweetheart neckline wrap tube top, necklace from Express, and ring from I bought the shoes from a store in New York.

We didn't do anything wild or crazy but I had a great time. Any time I spend with friends is fun because there is a lot of laughing, story telling, beauty conversations, style conversations, some arguing, and it is all with love. I snapped several photos of the fun and scenery for you to see.

Ring from
Hair is jacked out from outside but headed to Barcode.

My Friend Ziggy :-)

Me, Camille, and Imani

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