Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY: Sweetheart wrap tube top (no sewing)

One day, while sitting on my bed, I randomly got the idea to go to the store and buy some fabric to make a tube top. I headed to Joann Fabrics store to find the materials I wanted to use. I decided to buy cotton fabric because it was the cheapest and easy to care for. I found a zebra striped cotton pattern fabric in grey and pink and a white fabric with a flower pattern (flower pattern not visible in photo).
I've never done this before. This whole process was all trial and error. I asked for the associate at the store to cut 2 yards of the zebra pattern fabric and 4 yards of the white fabric. I was scared this would not be enough. To my surprise, when I got home I discovered I had too much fabric (enough to make 5 more tops). It is better to have more  than enough instead of not enough incase of errors or mistakes.

How to do it yourself
Now that the fabric was purchased, it was time to create a sweetheart wrap tube top. Unfortunately, because I bought too much fabric, I do not have the measurements of the fabric used. I was doing a lot of guessing and cutting to make sure the fabric was enough to fit me. After I figured out the desired amount of fabric needed, I folded the top of the fabric I would use for the top of the tube top down by about 1.5 to 2 inches. I ironed the fold then pinned it down with safety pins going across. This is to ensure the top has a clean smooth edge.
Using the fabric to create a wrap sweetheart neckline tube top was the easiest part. I put the middle of the fabric on my back and held the two ends of the fabric with my hands (as if I was about to start drying my back with a towel). I wrapped one of the ends of the fabric across one of my breasts and under the other breast. I did the same exact thing with the other end of the fabric. This created the sweet hear neckline. After that was completed, I wrapped the two fabric ends towards my back and tied them in a knot to finish. To secure the sweetheart neck line, I used a safety pin to pin the middle. If you decide to wear a bra with this you can pin the top of the sweetheart neckline to your bra to secure it as well.
I wore this top while I was in Washington DC and paired it with my DIY high-waisted shorts I made. I love the zebra print pattern and the colors used. The print gives the top a little edge while the colors make it very feminine. Photos of the whole entire outfit will not be posted until tomorrow. Until then, I have photos of the DIY top and one sneak peak photo of the outfit with both DIY top and bottom.

This was so easy to create and I plan on using the excess fabric to create more fun things. Is this something you will try? What creative and cute things have you created with fabrics? Let me know what you think :-)



*Photos Below
First attempt at home

Outfit sneak peak :-)

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