Friday, March 16, 2012

Small Wet n Wild Haul

I have been hearing a lot of great things about Wet n Wild products lately. I was actually surprised to hear the same products some of my friends use to use as  teenagers are still a favorite drugstore brand for adult women.

This past Tuesday, I decided to stop by CVS and purchase a few palettes. I really wanted to purchase the 8 eye shadow Wet N Wild palettes. To my surprise, ALL of those palettes were sold out. The only eye shadows available were two different trios. The other eye shadows being sold out confirms Wet N Wild still has a huge following. I've been missing out. I decide to buy the only products left at CVS. I bought two different eye shadow trios, one lipstick, and a blush. 

Wet N Wild's Wild shine Lipstick in Passionate 921

This beautiful nude with pink undertone lipstick glides on easily. When applying it to my lips, it  reminds me of Revlon's lip butters but with more pigmentation. This lipstick is very moisturizing.  The only con about this lipstick is the size. It is very small and skinny. If used consistently, You will need another one within 2 weeks.

The photos below shows how different the color looks in different lighting. Without the flash the lipstick looks like a light pink neutral color. With the flash on the lipstick looks hot pink with hints of purple.

Wet N' Wild's Blush and eye shadows
I have not had a chance to actually try out and wear the eye shadows or blush. I did take a couple swatches of each product and I am very surprised at how pigmented each eye shadows and blush are. These products really give you a bang for your buck. Below are swatches and photos of the product with and without the flash.

The name of this palette is Walking On Eggshells 380B. Each eye shadow is engraved
with the area the eyeshadow should be applied.

The name of this palette is Spoiled Brat 336. Each eye shadow is engraved
with the area the eyeshadow should be applied.

The name of this blush is Heather Silk 832E.
You should use a light hand when applying this blush. It is very pigmented.

I believe Wet N Wild is a favorite drugstore brand for a lot of women because the price of the products are extremely low. I purchased each product for $2.99 each. That totals to $11.96 (not including taxes) for 4 different products. One Revlon lipstick costs anywhere between $6 to $8. 

Take some time out to look through Wet N Wild products the next time you are out to purchase makeup. You may be surprised at the amazing products you will find. Wet N Wild is definitely a oldie but a goodie!

Love Resee

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