Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Clingy Friend: Are You Too Dependent on Your Friends?

I am subscribed to the lovely Ambrosia on YouTube. She recently posted a video about being too dependent on your friends. It sparked my interest because last week I was thinking about a few people I know that are very dependent on their friends. They always have to be with someone and rarely do they spend time alone.

I am the exactly opposite. I can go weeks without being around people and feel okay about it. Sometimes I just need to get away from others and have personal time with myself and my thoughts. Me time is very healthy but too much time alone can be unhealthy at times. There was one point of my life when I did not want to be around anyone. I would dodge my friends or decline their invitation to go out. I eventually got out of this phase. I forced myself to go out more and make myself more available to my friends.

It is important that you find the balance between the two. Too much of anything is not always healthy. Life is all about balance!  I still like to have alone time more than others but it is now a healthy amount of time.

Watch the video below! Tell me what you think. Are YOU too dependent on your friends?



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