Sunday, March 3, 2013

Real Life Got in the way... (Part 1)

I’ve been missing in action for several months now on this blog and YouTube. Real life got in the way. I’m talking about real life serious stuff. Where do I begin...

For starters, the most important person in my life became ill. To hide her identity, I will call her “Ana”. Ana became extremely sick. It really messed me up mentally. Nothing really mattered to me anymore. The thought of Ana not being in my life really made me feel like nothing was worth doing or pursuing. I took over a month off from work and cried to myself everyday.

I knew my behavior was healthy. I decided to see a therapist. I wanted to talk to someone that could try to help make sense of everything happening. My therapist was awesome. She understood why I was feeling down. She reminded me that even though Ana was sick life still goes on. My therapist believed Ana ultimately wanted me to be happy in spite of what was happening to her. My therapist also made me realize that it is time that I start doing things that will move me towards a happy and productive life. 

In one of my sessions, my therapist asked me what was something I always wanted to do. I told her one of my many career goals and that I wanted to move. My therapist responded with two simple words... DO IT! I told her it was not that simple. She said it was that simple and life is as hard as you make it. Life can also be very simple too. 

After much soul searching, prayer, and reading this awesome book called The Alchemist, I decided to move! I set a date to move two weeks after the day I mentally made the decision to move. The timing could not have been worst. The day I was moving, Ana had a life saving surgery. My family thought I should stay until Ana was better. I thought of staying too but we didn’t know when or if Ana would get better. It could take 6 months, a year, longer or never. Ana, surprisingly, wanted me to move. She wanted to see me grow. She wanted to see me happy.

I moved to Maryland with no job and no leads. The first day in Maryland I thought I made a huge mistake. I started to have panic attacks. The unknown was scaring me. I prayed on it. I prayed that my life would make sense to me soon and I will see some sort of progression. 

My first week in Maryland, I went on two interviews in Washington, DC. The interviews were with staffing agencies. My friend I was staying with suggested I interview with temp agencies because it was the fastest way to bring some money in until I found something permanent. I hated the idea of working for a temp agency. The thought of being sent to different assignments everyday made me have panic attacks. I like stability and consistency. There was nothing stable about working for a temp agency.

As fate would have it, I was offered a job after one week of moving. One of the temp agencies I interviewed with liked me so much that they asked me to work internally for them. They wanted me to be a permanent employee. The job they offered me was something I did not have experience in but I was ready for the challenge. God was organizing my steps for me and this move was not a mistake. Everything was happening so quickly.

I’ve been working and living in the Maryland/DC area for six months now. It has been an interesting six months. I've been trying to be more social, go out, and have fun. Unfortunately, during the last six months I have not worked on any of my goals and/or hobbies. I lost my focus and I've been wasting time. I'm thankful for my current job but this is not where I want to be.  After six months, I am ready for another change...

Real Life Got in the way... (Part 2). Coming soon...

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