Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Losing it for Solange (New Music Video)

I am not ashamed to say that I jumped on the Solange Knowles bandwagon a little late. A few years ago, my friend Asia was doing my hair and we were talking about King Bey's (Beyonce) vocals. Asia shared her opinion that Solange's music is better than Beyonce's music. I am a HUGE Beyonce fan and disagreed immediately. I've never really heard any of Solange's music before but I knew she was not as popular as Beyonce. Asia suggested I listen to Solange's Sol-angel and the Hadley St. Dreams album.  I just knew Asia was talking crazy and ignored her suggestion. 

A few months later, someone else mentioned how much they loved Solange's Sol-angel and the Hadley St. Dreams album. It reminded me of the discussion I had with Asia and my curiosity grew.I finally gave in and purchased Solange's album on iTunes. I instantly fell in LOVE with her album after listening to it once. 

I do not think one sister is better than the other when it comes to music. The lyrics, the tracks, and their styles are extremely different. I now have a love for Solange and her music. She also has become a huge fashionista all over the world and I appreciate her allowing us fans to step into her world with photos of her life on her instagram account. 

Unfortunately, Solange canceled her instagram account a few months ago. No worries! She has a new album coming out. Its been 4 years since she released her last album and the anticipation of her third album has grown over the years. A couple of weeks ago Solange released a teaser video of her song Losing You". I LOVED the teaser and was extremely excited to see what the actually video would be. The The full and complete video for the song "Losing You" was released October 2, 2012 at midnight. The video does not give the same exact vibe as the teaser but it is just as amazing. The video is of Solange Knowles in Cape Town enjoying her life. I loved every minute of it. Below are both the teaser and the actual video.

What do you think about the teaser and the complete video? Do you like them both? Let me know what  you think by leaving a comment below!



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