Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Made-up or Natural: Men don’t know what they want

*This blog post was originally posted on my tumblr, loveresee.tumblr.com on July 12, 2011. A recent twitter comment about women, makeup, and never finding a man reminded me of this post I wrote. Enjoy!
I've heard men say they prefer a girl that does not wear makeup. These men believe a natural face is much prettier than a made-up face. They feel the makeup does not show the real person and it is all an “illusion”.
What is odd about this situation is that men stare at their televisions, magazines, and favorite internet sites drooling over celebrity women and guess what……THESE CELEBS HAVE CAKED ON HEAVY MAKEUP!

I just want to know why men put soooooo much pressure on real women to be “real” (i.e. natural face, real hair, and natural ASSets) but fantasize and drool over celebrities that are the exact opposite of what they really want? All celebs wear make up. I don’t care how “clear” their skin looks on TV or in a movie, they all have make up on. Why are these celebrities (most normal men will probably never have a chance with) the exception to the natural face, hair, and body rule?
Another thing, why are men so stuck on “no weaves”? all these celebrities with long hair wear one. Doesn’t matter if it is a full sew-in (Tika Sumpter) or just a few tracks clipped (Kim Kardashian) All those long haired beauties have one.
Some men are so pro “real hair” and against natural hair. Men claim they want a girl to show their real hair BUT when they decide to really show their hair and go natural, men, all of a sudden, have an issue with it? What is the problem?! It’s real hair. 
This might be considered a rant but seriously men, think about it! You are confusing some of these ladies out there.
Resee ♥
Below are pictures of celebrity women with NO MAKE UP ON. Are they still your dream girl? They don’t look horrible but I would have never know that was the lovely Sofia Vegara. Rihanna and Beyonce still look great without it. Kim Kardashian doesn’t look too bad either.
Katy Perry pic from ZeroMakeup.comRihanna Via NoMakeup.comKim Kardashian via ZeroMakeup.comSofia Vergara via media.twirlit.comBeyonce Via Virgin Media

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