Monday, September 23, 2013

Picture Perfect?

I follow a few Instagram beauty pages. I always thought, "Man, her/his face looks flawless. No imperfections at all." I recently realized that a lot of the Instagram beauty photos are enhanced by editing. Technology has advanced so much that we can now edit photos on our phones in a matter of seconds.

Yesterday, I discovered the app My Cam. The app comes with all types editing features that allows you to slim down your face and waist, make your breasts bigger, eyes wider, and etc. The app has a filter named "whiten" that makes the skin appear a little lighter. All of the features are amazing but I did raise an eyebrow with concern about the filter "pretty" that also lightens the skin. It made me think about what the world views as pretty.

Below are some before and after photos. 


After (using Beautify -Auto Feature) - Smoothed out and lightened skin, and slimmer face

Lolita Filter
My Cam is a fun app to play with and there are hundreds of other photo apps out there similar to My Cam that allow  you to create "professional looking" photos really quickly. Just remember it is all an illusion these days and no one is "picture perfect".