Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazing Shoes and Other Goodies at Target

I was in Target last week to purchase some hair products and, as always, decided to stop by the shoe section. If you've been following this blog, you already know I LOVE shopping at Target for clothes and shoes from time to time. The quality of their shoes is pretty good for the price. 

There were so many amazing shoes there that I had to take pictures of them and share with you all. I also roamed over to the accessories section to see what goodies were over there.

Remember these shoes from a previous post? It just so happened that I had these same exact shoes on while shopping in Target. They are now on sale for $17.48.

I love the color of these flats. They are perfect for summer. Only $19.99!

I was so tempted to buy these black wedges. I've been wanting a pair of black wedges but decided not to buy them. I am trying to save money for something big and not spend it on things don't I really need. They were only $29.99 and they come in a camel color as well.

I LOVE LEOPARD! These wedges are so cute. I am trying so hard not to drive back to Target to purchase these. Only $29.99 and also come in a beautiful floral print.

I love the pattern on these wedges. These remind me of the shoes one of the contestants from Sunday's Best was wearing. Some people would think these shoes would not go with a lot of outfits but not true. The different colors in the shoes makes it easy for a person to add these shoes to many different outfits. The key is accessories to tie it all together.

These cute turquoise blue wedges were on sale for $14.98.

I love these leopard print flats. I wanted to purchase these but I already have at least 3 pairs of leopard print shoes. I may go back and get these.

Target is still selling my leopard print belt I bought back in December. The price is $16.50. I was going to buy another one because I ripped my belt but I decided not to. I can still use my belt even though it is ripped a little.

I loved this pearl colored thick chord necklace and the pearl color string necklace with gold hardware in the middle. I was going to buy them but I think I might be able to make them.

Target had majority of the Shea Moisture products on sale for $7.99. Normally, these products retail for $9.99 each. As you can see, people were racking up!

 I purchased these two :-)

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