Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Job in the World: A Mother's Love

Sometimes we forget how much our mothers/fathers/guardians done for us. How much they believe in us and support our dreams. I am NOT a mother but from what I have seen, being a mother is not easy. I know their are times when mothers feel overwhelmed with it all. They keep going because the goals and dreams parents have for their kids is for them to do better than they have. 

This commercial was posted on youtube by Proctor & Gamble. A friend on Facebook posted this video to share with her friends. I think this is a beautiful commercial/promotion for the Olympics 2012. I shed a little tear as well. It pulled at my heart strings and I could not keep this too myself.

Love your parents/guardians and make sure to thank them everyday for the love and affection, as well as, support they have given to you. 

Watch this promo! You will be moved! 



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